What is the LED flood light?

Update:12 Sep 2017

    LED flood light to make the designated surface illumination is higher than the surrounding environment of the lamps, also known as spotlight. In general, it can aim in any direction and has a structure that is not affected by climatic conditions. Mainly for large-scale work field mine, building summary, stadium, overpass, monuments, parks and flower beds. Thus, almost all the outdoor use of large areas of lighting can be seen as cast light. LED flood light , also known as LED spotlight, LED projection lamp.
   LED cast light through the built-in micro-chip control, the existing two types of products, one type of power chip combination, and the other with a single high-power chip, the former more stable, single high-power product structure is huge, suitable small Range of light cast, which can reach a high power, able to carry out a large area of long distance cast light.
LED lamp use of the place: building facades, squares, leisure sports field, stage, billboards, rockery, bridges and other lighting.
   1, the lamp body with high-strength die-casting aluminum, the appearance of anti-aging electrostatic spray treatment, self-cleaning, corrosion resistance.Mask with thickened tempered glass, impact resistance, conflict resistance.
   2, the use of high-quality LED products, high stability, long life, to achieve low return on investment. Change colorful, water, dream effect.
   3, green pollution-free: cold light source design, no heat radiation, no damage to the eyes and skin. Does not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements, the completion of the true sense of the green, human structure design.