What are the factors that affect the life of LED panel lights?

Update:25 Jul 2017

   LED panel lights with ultra-thin, ultra-bright, energy saving, environmental protection and other advantages, popular in the market. But the incorrect use of LED panel lights will speed up its life, affecting our use, then what factors affect the life of LED panel lights it?

   First, the power of the power factor, if the power of the power factor is very low, save power is poor, a good power supply can have a super good power-saving capacity, can play a protective effect on the lamp, when the voltage instability The case, it can be very good to prevent the instability of the current damage to the lamp.
    Second, the cooling effect, if a lamp cooling design is not good, but also affect the life of LED panel lights, as well as the installation of the place, if not ventilation is also very easy to burn the lamp beads.
    Third, the use of lamp beads, we all know that the lamp beads are copper wire with the wire more, copper wire is much better than the wire chip, the life of the chip is much longer than the wire, all we choose When the lights will find why the same lamp has two kinds of unit price is the reason.

   The above three points is the impact of LED panel lamp life of the main factors, whether in the purchase before or in use, LED panel lamp manufacturers to remind you should understand these factors.http://www.yingyaolighting.com/