Talking about the Advantages and Disadvantages of LED Street Light

Update:14 Aug 2017

   In our lives everywhere can see the LED lighting figure, with the lights, we can come after the night to facilitate the safe travel. In the road lighting, LED lights are the most common use, because it is not only a very good energy-saving, but also a good decorative effect, so the general use of LED lights they have what kind of advantages and disadvantages of it, the company Will be detailed for everyone.
   LED lights can be widely used, because they have the following advantages:
   1, LED street lamp design is the use of secondary optical design, we will LED lights light to the area where the need for lighting, can make the light more efficient.
   2, LED lights light failure is very small, very long life, LED lights in the use of 10 years after it still has a high value, they continue to use in the process of a year of light failure less than 3%.
   3, LED lights light-emitting diode is a low-voltage devices, the use of voltage safety, in particular, it will be used in public places.
   4, LED lights use a long period of time, it can use more than 50,000 hours.
   5, LED lights are light source is one-way, there will be no diffuse reflection of the situation, to ensure the efficiency of light.
   Relative to the traditional lamps, the LED lights have been more perfect, but the LED lights still have many shortcomings, their shortcomings are the following two:
   1, although the light intensity of LED lights is low, but this is basically for high-power LED lights, and low-power LED lights light failure is relatively large.
   2, LED lights light color is white, due to the manufacturing process of individual defects, and the lens with the error, so when used in the easy to form a yellow circle, will affect the effect of light.