Some Advantages of Yingyaolighting LED light

Update:17 Apr 2017

LED technology in the streets and regional lighting should be a lot of reasons for consideration. LED lights are environmentally friendly because they consume very little energy. They are not harmful to chemicals such as the release of toxins from mercury and lead. They are not made with conventional HID arc tubes, but instead use diodes. Compared with other lamp technology, diodes help to improve the resistance of the lamp, so that it has a higher durability, and ultimately provide a significantly longer life.

LEDs are becoming more common in street lighting applications because they are more effective in projecting LED lumen output, which allows for wider coverage of consistent light patterns. In technologies where time is not too small, fewer initial lumens can be designed in the application. All of these factors, including higher light uniformity, improved color rendering and high color temperature, allow for wider coverage, and can reduce the power of many fixtures required for outdoor applications. This significantly reduces the cost of energy and allows the cost of ownership to be reduced over the life of the system.

Buyers of LED products, including products for street lighting, want manufacturers to decrypt the semiconductor language and LED lights, compared with existing lighting technology and competing LED fixtures. This is difficult because solid-state lighting is no tradition because the LED's data is reported differently.Color, the associated color temperature, evenness and lumen attenuation are technically different, affecting the vision of the lighting task.

So, when considering LED lights, how can we best evaluate the optical design and performance? The light of the task and direction of light is not a new concept, but now more than ever before are more important road lighting and similar applications. As the only measure, lumen per watt may cause poor selection of outdoor lighting equipment. Light distribution patterns, uniformity and optical efficiency are valuable comparisons that can be made in competing products.

In most cases today, LED lamps have a higher cost than HPS Brothers units. However, the growing demand and growing LED technology are driving down costs. Although even today's costs, long-term economy is far more than the initial investment. Depending on the application, the wider distribution of LED fixtures can reduce the wattage required to extend life and reduce replacement and maintenance costs.

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