Solar street lights and traditional street lights

Update:17 Jul 2017

Solar street light:
 1. Easy to install, do not need to lay a complex line, only need a cement base, with screws can be fixed.
2. Free electricity, solar street lights is a one-time investment, no maintenance costs, about three years to recover the investment costs, long-term gains.
3. No security risks, solar lighting is less than 36V safe DC, there will be no security problems.
4. Solar street lamp main components - the life of solar panels 25 years; super bright LED average life expectancy of more than 50,000 hours; solar dedicated battery life of 5-7 years.
5. Green environmental protection, for the development and promotion of noble ecological community to add new selling points; sustainable reduction of property management costs, reduce the cost of the owners of the public part of the apportionment.
Traditional street light:
1. Installation and operation procedures are complex, the need to lay the cable, to carry out cable trench excavation, laying dark tube, pipe threading, backfill and other large infrastructure projects, and a long time to install the commission, terrain and line requirements complex, artificial and auxiliary Material costs are high.
2. Electricity is high, the city lights frequently 250w or 400w sodium lamp, the annual use of the required electricity is also very impressive, but also to long-term uninterrupted on the line and other configuration maintenance or replacement, maintenance costs increased year by year.
3. There are security risks, due to the construction quality, landscape engineering transformation, material, power supply is not normal, water and electricity pipeline conflict and so on to bring a lot of security risks.
4. The average life of the city lights is about 10,000 hours, and the longer the service life, the greater the degree of pipeline aging.
5. The larger the scale, the higher the cost of the installation of municipal lights, the total investment will be higher than the solar street lights. Another cable theft is undisclosed every year.