Solar street light construction method

Update:29 Jan 2018

Solar street lighting manufacturers to remind the installation of street construction pouring to be safe, its method is as follows:

⒈ To determine the location of lamp; survey of geological conditions, if the surface 1 m 2 are all soft soil, then the depth of excavation should be deepened; at the same time to confirm the excavation location below no other facilities (such as cables, pipes, etc.) Shade objects, or to the appropriate replacement of location.
⒉ In the position of standing lamps reserved (excavation) in line with the standard 1 m 3 pit; positioning and placement of embedded parts. The embedded parts are placed in the middle of the square pit. One end of the PVC threading pipe is placed in the middle of the embedded part, and the other end is placed in the storage place of the battery. Note that the embedded parts should be kept in the same horizontal plane as the original ground (or the top of the screw should be on the same level as the original ground, depending on the needs of the site), one side should be parallel to the road; Not skewed. C20 concrete pouring and then fixed, pouring process should not stop vibration vibrator to ensure the overall compactness, solidity.
⒊ Construction is completed, clean the residual sludge on the positioning plate in time, and to clean the bolt impurities with waste oil.
⒋ Concrete soil coagulation process, to regular water conservation; to be completely solidified concrete (usually 72 hours or more), in order to chandelier installation.

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