Road poles six point technical requirements

Update:19 Sep 2017

   1, double-arm road lights for the double-pick single fire, motor vehicle lane 11.5 meters from the ground, sidewalk lamps 8.5 meters from the ground, bilateral cross-arranged, the distance of 50 meters. Express road light source for the Sanfeng source 120W LED street lights, pedestrian street light source for the Sanfeng source 80W LED lights [1]. Highway generally use 12m high pole lights, cantilever with singled singles, 400W high pressure sodium lamp.
2, light pole material using high-quality Q235A steel bending forming cone, a molding, poles made of 4mm thick steel plate, The thickness of the poles does not include the thickness of the galvanized layer. The main pole of the pole is a conical rod, the diameter of the upper mouth is about 85mm, and the diameter of the lower mouth is about 200mm. Pole are used in diameter 60mm steel pipe, outside the length of the motor vehicle 1.6 meters, 1.2 meters on the sidewalk, wall thickness of 3mm.
3, light poles surface is smooth, there must be no one cracking, leakage welding, continuous stomata, undercut, inequality. Poles center line of the straight line error does not exceed 0.02% of the rod length, the appearance of the body without rough traces of poles, poles no obvious defects in appearance.
4, poles welding method for the automatic sub-arc welding, ultrasonic testing, welding GBl1345 Ⅱ grade standards. Light pole socket method using a nail plus top wire fixed.
5, the poles with hot galvanized anti-corrosion treatment, zinc layer of not less than 75 microns, the surface is practical and smooth, the color is basically the same, hammer test can not afford skin, do not peel off, galvanizing life of not less than 20 years.
6, poles spray should be used high-quality outdoor pure polyester plastic powder, the color to be agreed, the surface smooth, plastic layer of stable quality, do not fade, do not fall off, strong adhesion, strong anti-UV, life should not be lower than 20 years, thickness ≥ 80um, in line with ASTM D339-83 standard.