Light source key parameters

Update:30 Oct 2017

1, luminous flux
Light source in the unit time to send the sum of the amount of light, the greater the general power, the higher the luminous efficiency, the higher the luminous flux.
2, color temperature
When the color of the light emitted by the light source is the same as the color of the blackbody at a certain temperature, the temperature of the black body is called the color temperature of the light source.
3, color rendering
Light source on the object of the true color of the degree of life expectancy, a group of light at the same time lit, when 50% of the light source failure, is the average life of these light sources.
4, light effect
Different light at the same time, consume the same amount of electricity, how much light. High light efficiency of the light source is certainly lower than the light efficiency.
5, strobe
The number of times the light source flashes every second, the higher the strobe, the greater the negative impact on vision.