LED panel lights (flat lights) of the four installation methods

Update:29 Aug 2017

   Led panel lights, also known as led flat lights, there are four forms of installation, we can choose according to different circumstances the most convenient installation method to see which way for you.
   Tools / raw materials:Led panel light (flat light)、Led lamp conversion box、Hanging line、Utility knife、Marker pen
Method / step
   The first method commonly used office, is the most simple and most common installation method: first take a ceiling, the LED panel lights drive into the next to the ceiling, connect the power cord, and then put the panel lights .
   The second method is to lift, to use hanging line. First, hang the four bases in the roof fixed to the roof, and then the four hanging screw into the LED panel lights, pull the steel plate to adjust the height of the panel can be.
   The third is concealed. First with a pen to draw the LED panel light box to change the size of the inner edge, and then use the knife to cut, and then install the assembly box placed LED panel light drive, and finally the lamp can be embedded in the conversion box.
   The fourth method is to fit on the ceiling. First with the screws to LED panel light conversion box fixed on the cement ceiling, and then connect the LED driver, and finally forced to press the panel lights into the conversion box can be.