LED panel lamp maintenance matters

Update:15 Jan 2018

LED panel light is a kind of low energy consumption, environmental protection and energy saving lamps advanced, is now widely applied to life, become a most common lamp in life, some people in order to clean and beautiful, often to the lamps for cleaning and maintenance, but some people are not maintenance process will comply with the notice, what the LED panel need to pay attention in the maintenance process of light?
The following items on the maintenance of LED panel lamp are as follows:
Note 1: before cleaning the panel lights, make sure that the power supply has been disconnected to clean the panel lights.
Notice two: when cleaning the panel lights, most people will wipe with half dry wet cloth. This is not acceptable. They must be cleaned with a dry cloth.
Note three: in order to achieve better cleaning effect, some people will use chemical and corrosive things to clean, this is a certain safety hazard.