LED Flood Lights Can be Used in a Variety of Scenes

Update:23 Mar 2017

LED flood light is a point of light can be uniformly illuminated in all directions, its range of illumination can be adjusted in the scene as a positive octahedral display.

The flood lights illuminate objects evenly from a specific point in all directions, and it is better to use it to compare bulbs and candles. Floodlights can be placed anywhere in the scene. For example, it can be placed outside the scope of the camera, or inside the object. It is common to use many different colors of flood lights in the scene. These flood lights can be darkly projected and mixed on the model. As the flood light range is relatively large, the flood light effect is very easy to predict, and this light there are many auxiliary purposes, for example, the flood light placed near the surface of the object, it will be in the surface of the object To produce bright light.

Small current, LED flood light temperature is not obvious. If the ambient temperature is high, the main wavelength of the LED flood light will be redshift, the brightness will drop, luminous uniformity, consistency worse. Especially lattice, large display of the temperature rise on the LED flood light reliability, stability, more significant impact. So the thermal design is critical.

Flood lights are the most widely used in the production of a light source, the standard flood lights used to illuminate the entire scene. Multiple floodlights can be used in the scene to produce better results. Flood light is the most widely used in the effect of a light source, the scene can be used to coordinate the role of multiple flood lights to the birth of a better effect.

LED flood light through the built-in micro-chip control, in small engineering applications, no controller can be used to achieve the gradient, jump, color flicker, random flicker, gradient alternation and other dynamic effects can also be controlled by DMX, To achieve chase, scan and other effects. The main application areas are probably these: single building, historical buildings outside the wall lighting, building light through the lighting, indoor local lighting, green landscape lighting, billboard lighting, medical culture and other specialized facilities lighting, bars, dance halls Entertainment atmosphere lighting and so on.