LED drive power technology development trend

Update:16 Oct 2017

    LED power supply and drive circuit and fluorescent lamp electronic ballast, LED drive circuit is the main function of the AC voltage is converted to DC voltage, and at the same time to complete with the LED voltage and current matching.
   1, for the characteristics of LED development of a series of constant voltage constant current control electronic circuit, the use of integrated circuit technology to control the input current of each LED at the best current value, making the LED can get a stable current and produce the highest output luminous flux. LED drive circuit in the input voltage and ambient temperature and other factors change the case of the best control of the size of the LED current.
   2, LED drive circuit with intelligent control function, so that the LED load current can be under the influence of various factors can be controlled in the pre-designed level. When the load current changes due to various factors, the primary control IC can return the load current to the initial design value by controlling the switch.
   3, in the control circuit circuit design, to focus on control, standard modular, system scalability in three areas.
   4, in the current LED light efficiency and luminous flux limited circumstances, give full play to the characteristics of LED color diversity, the development of color control LED lighting control circuit.