LED chip damage

Update:18 Dec 2017

LED chip damage will directly lead to LED failure, thus improving the reliability of the LED chip is essential. Vapor deposition process sometimes need to use a spring clamp to fix the chip, which will occur nicks. Yellow work if the development is not complete and the mask has a hole in the light emitting area will have more residual metal. In the process of the first stage of the die, the tweezers, flower baskets, carriers and the like must be used in various processes such as cleaning, vapor deposition, yellowing, chemical etching, fusing, grinding and the like.
Chip electrode on the impact of the solder joints: the chip electrode itself is not reliable evaporation, resulting wire off or damage to the electrode; chip electrode solderability poor, will lead to solder ball Weld; chip storage will lead to the electrode surface oxidation, appearance Stained and so on, the fine contamination of the bond appearance may affect the dispersion of the metal atoms between the two, resulting in failure or Weld.