How to solve the LED panel light cooling problem

Update:07 Aug 2017

      LED lamp production technology is gradually strengthened, and how to solve the problem of heat has been an important concern LED lamp manufacturers, because the LED light heat conditions directly affect the life of LED lights.
In the LED panel lights, the chip in the normal work of 30% -35% of electricity into light energy, and 65% to 70% of the conversion into heat, and LED panel lights are very sensitive to temperature, in general, in the knot Temperature 125 ℃ below the LED will be fortunate to avoid performance degradation or failure, LED 70% of the fault from the temperature is too high, and the load in the case of half of the rated power temperature rise 20 ℃, the failure rate doubled.
We can from the following aspects to consider ways to solve the heat:
1, LED panel lights because of relatively thin, can not use the fan or natural convection cooling method to heat, so only from the structure and materials to consider. LED panel lights used aluminum frame, which is the main channel of heat, because the thermal conductivity of aluminum faster, is conducive to heat.
2, In addition, LED panel lamp cooling should also consider the exclusion of heat transfer path to prevent heat transfer factors, such as expanding the cross-sectional area of the path (for example, thick copper wire is easier than the fine copper wire), coated thermal lubricant So that the product does not leave the connection part of the gap.
3, To improve the radiator surface heat release characteristics, such as the installation of several heat sink surface, expand the radiator area and so on.