How to avoid lightning stroke of LED street lamp

Update:24 Oct 2017

   Summer is the season of thunderstorms, then use LED lights for many outdoor places, but also need to set the lightning protection device, then LED street and how to avoid lightning, lamp manufacturers zouqu Zhonglou District rose run lamps factory to give my friends say.
   The first is the combination of external lightning protection with internal lightning protection, street lamp generally has two systems, one is the external lightning protection system, another is the internal lightning protection system, the two are complementary to each other, each of the lightning protection system of LED lamp can guarantee the internal lamp through the ground, set voltage protection for the protection of the equipment. The internal system can prevent the invasion of lightning overvoltage and other forms of power, resulting in destruction.
   Second lightning protection equipotential bonding, this method can completely eliminate the destruction caused by lightning damage potential, the power line and line number, installation equipotential device can protect the local and potential junction
   The third method is lightning protection to LED street in addition to lightning protection power supply system equipment, will also set up some communication equipment used to control street lamp switch and brightness, and these devices are placed within the required power supply lightning protection zone.