High pole lights in everyday use, what needs to be maintained?

Update:02 Jan 2018

   1, Check the high pole lighting equipment, all black metal parts (including the inner wall of the pole) of hot-dip galvanized corrosion, fasteners can prevent loose methods meet the requirements.
2, Check the vertical pole lighting lighting equipment, pole slightly allowable negligence should be less than 3 ‰ high pole. Pole axis straightness fault must not be greater than 2 ‰ rod length.
3, Check the outer surface of the lamppost and the weld can be rust, but for a longer service life but can not be exchanged from the ground, if necessary, use ultrasonic, magnetic inspection and other inspection methods for weld inspection and inspection.
4, Check the mechanical strength of the lamp panel, ensure the safe use of the lamp panel, on the closed lamp panel should check its heat dissipation;
5, check the lamp bracket fastening bolts, a reasonable adjustment of the lamp projection direction;
6, Carefully check the lamp panel (wire or cord) the use of the situation, see the wire can withstand excessive mechanical stress, whether aging, cracking, exposed lines, etc., in case of unsafe appearance should be disposed of immediately;
7, The damaged light source electrical components and exchange and repair
8, The key check lift transmission system:
9, Check the distribution and control equipment
10, Electrical safety function check, check the power supply line and ground insulation resistance: not less than 10 ohms.
11, Protective grounding and lightning protection equipment inspection.