Commonly used LED light source color separation skills

Update:05 Sep 2017

    Today's society, with the use of LED products, especially semiconductor lighting products on the demand for high-power LED surge, the quality of LED requests are getting higher and higher:
Luminous flux sub-file
Luminous flux is the LED user is very concerned about a goal, LED customers need to know since the use of LED luminous flux in which the scale, so to ensure that the brightness of their own goods from the uniformity and consistency.
Reverse leakage current test
Reverse leakage current in the load voltage must be lower than the required value, the production process due to static electricity, chip quality and other elements lead to LED reverse leakage current is too high, which will give LED use of goods buried a great danger, In the use of a period of time after the formation of LED die is very simple.
Forward voltage test
The scale of the forward voltage to be in the scale of the circuit planning, many customer planning to drive the LED light to the voltage method of electricity, the forward voltage will directly affect the overall parameters of the circuit changes, and then will bring quality to the quality Danger. In addition, it is desirable to ensure that the lower the forward voltage is better at the same luminous power, as for some of the circuits where the power is requested.
Relative color temperature sub-file
On the white LED color temperature is the characterization of its color used in a more parameters, this parameter can be directly showing the LED color is warm or still cold is still white.
Color coordinates x, y sub-file
On the white light or monochromatic light can be used to express the color parameters of the LED in which color area, usually ask four x, y to determine a color area. It is necessary to go through a certain quiz to ensure that the LED is not falling in the requested four x, y color area.
Main wavelength sub-file
On the monochromatic LED, the main wavelength is a measure of its color parameters of the main target, the main wavelength directly reflects the human eye on the LED light visual touch.
Color rendering index
Color rendering index directly off the S light to the object on the object of the degree of discoloration, LED lighting on the product of this parameter is very important.
For the above key, we can choose according to the actual situation of a variety of programs for effective spectral separation, to professional high-power LED color separation machine for active sub-file, high power, fast, able to do for each LED Partial color separation is from the measured voltage to the leakage current to the luminous flux to the spectrum of multi-channel process a lot of artificial cooperation to control the quality and sub-file.