Ten important points of LED street lamp (Part one)

Update:26 Jul 2017

   LED lights in the now widely used in society, is the key part of the lighting project progress, especially energy-saving LED street lamp and low carbon two aspects has made an important contribution to the society, let us say 10 things should be paid attention to in the process of daily use of LED lamps.
   1、LED street lighting power supply must be constant flow
   The characteristics of the lighting materials of LED street lamps determine its environmental impact, such as temperature changes, then the LED current will increase; in addition, the increase of voltage, LED current will increase. If the current exceeds the rated long-term work, more will greatly shorten the service life of LED lamp. LED constant flow is the temperature and voltage and other environmental factors change, but also to ensure that the current value of its work unchanged.
   2 、 LED street lamp power constant current accuracy
   The constant current accuracy of some power sources in the market is poor, the error may reach + 8%, and the constant current error is too great. The general requirement is at + 3%. Press 3% for the design. Production power to fine tune to achieve + 3% error.
   3、LED street lamp power supply voltage
   General LED recommended work voltage is 3.0-3.5V, after testing, most of the work in 3.2V, so according to 3.2V calculation formula is more reasonable. The total voltage =3.2*N N lamp series
   4、 LED street lamp power supply working current is how much is the most appropriate?
   For example, LED's rated current of 350 Ma, some factories began to use as much as 350 Ma, design, in this current work under heating is very serious, after repeated tests, designed 320 Ma is ideal. Minimize heat and allow more electricity to become visible energy.
   5、 How wide is the series parallel connection and wide voltage of the LED street lamp power supply board?
   In order to make the power supply of LED street lamp work in a wide range of input voltage range AC85-265V, the LED serial parallel connection of the lamp board is very important. Try not to use wide voltage, can be divided into AC220V, AC110V as far as possible classification, so as to ensure the reliability of power supply. As the current power supply is generally non isolated buck constant current power supply, when the voltage 110V is required, the output voltage shall not exceed 70V, and the number of series shall not exceed 23. When the input voltage is 220V, the output voltage can reach 156V. That is to say, the number of series is no more than 45 strings. Not too many parallel, otherwise the work current is too large, the heating is serious. There is also a wide voltage scheme, the APFC active power compensation is the first to use L6561/7527 to raise the voltage to 400V, and then step-down, equivalent to two switching power supply. This scheme is used only under certain conditions.http://www.yingyaolighting.com/